The Winther story began in 1930 with a traffic accident that left Anders Winther unable to do the hard manual work of a blacksmith. Instead, he looked for other ways to make a living and, in 1932, began producing toboggans, later extending the product range to include tricycles and scooters as well. Winther bicycles were introduced by Anders' brother, Frede, in 1947.

Around 1955, the Company began exporting its products to other countries. The tricycles became an international success and, in 1959, Frede designed a tricycle with a fixed steel tray that became a classic and was produced for several decades. Anders Winther, the grandson of the founder, became the Managing Director in 1976. The production of bicycles for older children and adults was later sold off so that Winther could concentrate on its core competency of producing trikes and scooters. The Company's founder, Anders Winther senior, was interested in working with children, their play and their movement, and this led to the development of a series of trikes and bikes for children, which ultimately became Winther's mission.

The Company specializes in developing and selling high quality products which are recognized by international experts to stimulate the development of children's motor, cognitive and social skills through play and movement. Going by the motto 'Learning by Moving', the Company continues to develop and learn by keeping their approach dynamic, ensuring that the customers have the best selection of quality products.

The manufacturers work with teachers, physical therapists, industrial designers and engineers to ensure that design, functionality and play value are built into everything that is being produced. The products are timeless, sustainable and durable. Attention to detail and relentless focus result in high quality products and services. That is why Winther is home to so many loyal customers all over the world.

The products stimulate children's imagination through physical activity. The makers believe that a healthy balance of cognitive, social and motor skills creates harmonious and happy children.

In 2010, Winther merged with another European brand Gonge, a Company that has been making movement toys since 1930. The philosophies of Winther and Gonge matched so well that merging the two Companies was a natural development.

Both Companies supply their products to kindergartens, schools and other institutions globally as well as to the retail market. The two brands offer a range of products that complement each other perfectly, providing a wide variety of ways to encourage children to play and to move.