Schafer Toy Company GmbH is a young and dynamic German company. The Company specializes in manufacturing of long-lasting, high quality products and uses the finest materials from leading German suppliers (e.g. BASF) in production. They have their own plastics engineer on-site to ensure optimum quality of products. The safety and quality of the factory and all the products are independently monitored and have been awarded the ‘TÜV SÜd’ mark. 

Mic-o-Mic is an educational designer toy, helping to develop the individual abilities and skills of children. The construction kits comprise individual textured parts which are connected by pins and clips. Each part feels comfortable in the hand and is especially attractive to children. Whether with wings, wheels or sails, all models have clearly defined shapes and bright, contemporary colours, making the range absolutely unique. The toys do not contain any heavy-metals or phthalates, and naturally conform to the all the relevant International Toy Standards.

Mic-o-Mic is solely manufactured from materials that are free of harmful substances. Children as well as parents enjoy constructing and playing with Mic-o-Mic's toys that are safe, fun and educational. All Mic-o-Mic products are manufactured according to the strictest production standards and are branded with the ‘TÜV’ symbol for approved safety and quality, giving customers total confidence. The GS mark on product packaging signifies that the models are free from mechanical and chemical risks. 

The design elements are combined with educational ideas and the learning process occurs by construction of single models, which cultivate fine motor skills and tri-dimensional imagination. Children will be proud of the finished model they have made, giving a boost to their self confidence. It will encourage them to move onto the next level. The range encourages children and parents to play together – perhaps competing with each other as the child becomes more competent.