Malinos is a renowned blow-pens manufacturing company for children. It belongs to the parent brand AMEWI, which is a rising business trade company headquartered in Germany. AMEWI began to participate in the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg in February 2008. Until 2009, it was only in the wholesale trade and its sales network covered all European countries. The AMEWI Creative started distribution of the Malinos Magic Pens in 2010 and opened its first AMEWI flagship store in 2011.

Malinos is renowned for its fast delivery, fair shipping costs and the availability of a wide range of products. It is one of the numerous brands that fall under the parent brand AMEWI, thus offering its customers a wide assortment of products. Manufactured in Europe, these products are known for their highest quality standards. The portfolio ranges from Magic Pens, Blopens and Stencils and is suitable for children of all ages, starting from as young as one-year old.

Enhancing creativity and imaginative dexterity in children, the MALINOS from the AMEWI Creative range includes 25 core products.