The Gonge family started 'Skoleforlaget Gonge' in 1966 as a publishing company, producing and marketing educational materials for pre-school institutions in Denmark. Since then, the Company has changed, becoming a global developer of creative learning. The turning point for the Company came with a single product, the introduction of the Giant Top-- a toy produced for children's play and movement. This grew into a wide and varied range of toys and tools that established a philosophy of stimulating movement, as well as cognitive and social development.

The Gonge Company merged with Winther, a company that has been making movement toys since 1930. The philosophies of Winther and Gonge matched so well that merging the two companies was a natural development. The merger was completed on 1st July, 2010.

Gonge products are designed to motivate children to be physically active and to learn in creative ways. The broad range of Gonge products effectively combines educational principles, aesthetic designs and superior quality that meet the highest safety standards. Gonge has been consistently loyal as a supplier in the education market and has subsequently earned a reputation for inculcating a creative approach to learning.

Winther and Gonge,  both supply their products to kindergartens, schools and other institutions globally as well as to the retail market. The two brands offer a range of products that complement each other perfectly, providing a wide variety of ways to encourage children to play and to move.