Clics is a pioneer in constructional toys segment since 2001. It has its headquarters in Belgium and has an extensive customer base in over 40 countries. The Company has over 60 unique products, primarily in the range of Dino Squad, Build and Play, Hero Squad, Zoo and Glitter.

The Clics blocks are made in a fully automated factory, where over 150 million blocks are manufactured every year. The mission statement of the Company is to help children learn while playing so that they expand their boundaries of creativity. Clics does this by organizing events and holding building contests where children can show their creations.

Made for children of four years and above, these coloured plastic building blocks can be joined together to form hundreds of different models-- limited only by the imagination of the child.

Produced in bite-proof, safe, polypropylene and UV stabilized plastic, the individual building blocks are durable and able to withstand prolonged use under all conditions. Available with additional accessories such as axles and wheels that enhance play value, Clics helps to develop myriad skills in your child. The unique building blocks are ideal for inculcating Problem Solving Abilities and developing Imaginative Dexterity in little children. The brightly coloured pieces develop a child’s ability to recognize colours and shapes and also encourage creativity as they build artistic designs.

Clics is compliant with all safety regulations for toys in the USA and the EC.