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Since its inception in 1990. OK Play India Limited has passionately pursued leadership in plastic moulding technology.

We, at OK Play consistently endeavour to adhere by our core values:

- Design excellence
- The highest quality standards - at par with the world's finest
- Meticulous attention to detail

From in-house capabilities to develop products - right from designing, mould making, to moulding, the company offers cost-effective and fast solutions for diverse applications. This coupled with its team of competent dedicated and qualified professionals, who guarantee time-bound deliveries, makes OK Play a reliable one-stop shop for its customers.

We have today diversified into varied product categories like: Toys, School Furniture, Playground Equipment. Mannequins Point-of-Purchase Products, Automotive Products, Infrastructure Products, Industrial Products Truly at OK Play diversification is synonymous to growth


Our Mission

“To become globally competitive in the field of plastic moulded products by pushing the frontiers of possibility with innovative and customized path-breaking solutions for diverse industries.”


The Journey Continues

Incorporated in 1988 as Aquapure Containers Ltd. The company started with manufacturing of water storage tank in 1990.
The Company acquires OK Play, a toy company based in the UK. A sudden flood of colours and shapes enters India. The roto moulding facilities get further refined.
The company is renamed. OK Play India Limited comes into being. Indian children and parents are welcome to the advent of joyful, safe, beautifully designed toys.
OK Play India Limited launches its maiden IPO.
Further diversification into Point of Purchase products- delivery boxes, signage systems, display stands and mannequins. The clients list now includes Industry leaders in telecom, foods, apparel and other sectors.
The company makes a foray into Automotive products - fuel tanks, bus seats, cabin roofs and cabin interior parts. The products are safe, lightweight, durable and lead to higher fuel efficiency.
Exclusive Retail Outlets open for OK Play toys and furniture. Creation of website makes OK Play an e-retailer.
Responding to the need to protect the environment, OK Play Launched electric vehicle range including e-rickshaws, loaders, vending carts, garbage collectors, two-seaters and many more to come. The products are designed to be lightweight whilst being durable and tough for Indian road conditions.

Why Plastics?

Light Weight

Maintenance Free

Corrosion Resistant


Mouldable in Complex Shapes

Resistant to Most Chemicals

Color Availability

Non-Toxic and User Friendly

Static, Weather & Fire Resistant

No Welding Required



We strive to be number one in our search for excellence and work towards nothing less than the best.
Customer Centric
We never lose sight of what really matters is the satisfaction and success of our customers. Our products are developed with the goals and needs of the customer in mind.
We constantly strive to deliver innovative products to the market and deliver superior value to our customers and stakeholders.
International Perspective
We have a very global approach to business and work with a worldwide perspective of learning and performance.
We treat everyone involved in the organisation staff, stakeholders and customers alike with dignity and respect. We are truthful and candid, keep our promises and deliver on our commitments.

Born to Win

One can easily spot the difference by our commitment to both designing and technology.

Design Excellence

Design innovation is at the forefront of our product development

OK PLAY is the meeting ground for some of the country's most competent technocrats and concept developers. The company's engineering services are driven by the most advanced skills and technology in the industry. The clearly defined mission includes designing innovative products, developing precise moulds, maximizing production capacity, and producing world-class products at competitive prices.
Focused Approach
- Annual spend - 4% of net revenue
- Reverse engineering / pattern making capabilities
- A fully staffed 15+ members' Engineering and Design Department from premier design institutions of India, using the latest high-end 30 modeling software for photo-realistic product development.

The Technology Edge

Our fully integrated ISO 9001, state-of-the-art plant


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