Fun & Games!

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    Mini Top

    Rock-a-Bye-Baby! A new-age cradle, that rocks and spins, promising your child hours of fun.
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    Little Bouncer

    Little kids love to jump and bounce! Time to get them the Little Bouncer trampoline for unlimited fun!
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    Deluxe Art Master Desk

    Awaken the artist in your child!
    Watch her create her masterpiece!

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    Scramble Bug

    Oooh, here comes the bug! A fun ride-on for the toddlers!
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    Quadie Bike

    For the cool ones! Watch your child have the time of his life as he plays indoors and outdoors on this fancy cool bike!


Exciting world class toys! Choose from this amazing
range and delight your little ones!

Play Pen

Make a safe space for you little one to play in! A Play Pen is an ideal gift for the holiday season.

A Little Bit Of

Encourage your child to explore.
Bring home some ‘Fun’tastic
toys designed to excite your child
to be imaginative and creative!